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Bus Transportation Management System is a professional, web based system that optimizes the management and administration of the key activities in implementing passenger transportation.

The system consists of two main modules Cash register and Administration, which may be associated with an additional module for Online sales.

The Cash register module's operations are carried out by the ticket cash registers, including, sale, booking, cancellation and returning of tickets. Each cash register has a detailed report which reflects both the amounts and individual transactions and documents issued by the cash register.

Administrative module of the system enables you to manage the operational information within the company, including routes, schedules, timetables, type and number of vehicles, personnel, offices, ticket prices and discounts. This module has a section with reports and statements that give a detailed overview of the activities of the company and the cash registers, according to different criteria.

The integration with the online tools, allows the transport company to offer its customers the opportunity to book their ticket directly through the Internet.

The modules communicate with each other in real time, and thus provide an immediate update of the data in the system when each operation is performed.

Key Features

  • Selling tickets from the cash register
  • Online booking
  • Booking at the cash register
  • Cash register management
  • Routes management
  • Schedule management
  • Prices management
  • Managing the tickets on sale
  • Buses schedule management
  • Travel order management
  • Personnel management
  • Roles and permissions management for access and work with the system
  • Drive park management
  • Customers management
  • Reporting and analysis of the activities